Halp App

Halp was created at a Cal Poly hosted hackathon. Halp is a mobile application that allows students to help other students or find help for themselves. Each student has their own account where they can list the classes they have taken and are willing to help with. This creates a student base per class that is available to help those… Read more →

TransUnion Hackathon – 2016 (3rd Place Winner)

Our prompt at this TransUnion hackathon was to create an interactive game that would help teach users about credit scores and what affects one’s score. We sought out to design a simple but interesting game that incorporates life events with a simple journey. The user starts at TransUnion’s headquarters in Chicago and travels across the country to the San Luis… Read more →

Coffee Cup Laser Tag Gun

This project was created for Physics 133 at Cal Poly. It is a laser tag gun encased in a coffee cup (because why not). A big thanks to IBM for their tutorial on getting started for this. At the end of my project the actual gun and code was very different from IBM’s but the initial help was very appreciated! Below… Read more →

TransUnion Hackathon – 2015 (2nd Place Winner)

Two of my friends and myself participated in TransUnion’s hackathon this year. The requirements for the finished product were pretty broad and involved tweaking or adding some aspect to certain parts of their site. We chose to revamp the way people get their credit scores. Not very many people feel close to their credit company and we figured we would… Read more →


Jeeves is a GroupMe chat bot for utility and amusement purposes. Jeeves is built on GitHub’s Hubot. He is written in JavaScript and a close relative, CoffeeScript. Jeeves is pushed to Heroku where he currently lives.   Jeeves Commands General /ping – Jeeves replies with ‘PONG’ /help – Jeeves directs you to this page! /the rules – Make sure Jeeves still… Read more →

Star Wars Maze Game

The Millennium Falcon is stuck in the Death Star’s tractor beam! Use the arrow keys to navigate Ben Kenobi through the Death Star turning off switches to deactivate Tractor Beam 12. Storm Troopers are on constant patrol, do not get caught! As you find your way through the maze you remember where you have been, but you do not remember where… Read more →

Collaborative Art

This was just a fun group project. Six of us had to create a square and put them together. Mine is the square with the white triangle in it (pictured top right). Nothing too special here but It did turn out to be a pretty unique sketch. Read more →

Particle Fireworks

Simple particle system based on particle and particle system classes utilizing ArrayLists. Click anywhere on the sketch to pop off your own firework! Read more →

When Babies Collide

The title says it all, babies get mad when they collide, they turn red. This sketch utilizes the standalone baby sketch but adds a nice touch. I used vectors to avoid overlap on the colliding, randomized the speeds, and they change colors conditionally. Eventually the babies will disperse and one will remain, the true champion. Read more →