Graphical Bézier Editor

This project was created by Christopher Siu (who led development), myself and other classmates. It maps out Bézier curves that the user can manipulate while also generating code for a quick copy and paste into Processing.

Preset Shapes: select a shape from the bottom right menu, click and drag in the sketch box to create the selected shape.

Orgin Mapping: select the icon displaying a pointer, located in the menu at the top of the sketch. The origin display can be toggled on and off. The origin (0,0) starts in the top left corner just like the application. The user can select an axis or the origin, easily changing the shape’s coordinates. There is also a toggle preset for the origin either at the center of the sketch or the top left (normal position).

Deleting: If there are shapes the user no longer needs or wants they can simply click the box displaying an ‘x’ by the shape, or clicking the menu item, also with an ‘x’ displayed, to delete the last segment.

Right Click: Creates a line at your pointer that is automatically connected to your last curve.

Copy: When the user is done creating their sketch they can select the menu icon displaying a sheet of paper. This copies the output code to the clipboard. Now they’re ready to paste the code into processing, avoiding the hassle of point mapping or complexity photoshop.