At a Glance

I'm Jonathan Catanio, a 23 year-old programming student, passionate about problem solving and advancing technologies. This is a creative portfolio displaying side projects and business ventures; providing a look into the past and a glimpse into the future.

TransUnion – 2017 (1st Place Winner)

Back for the third year in a row and finally taking home the 1st Place prize! This year the challenge was to create an application(s) that provides a way to monitor one’s credit health. The challenge was termed “credit fitness”┬ásince the application is supposed to be to credit as MyFitnessPal is to health. We were provided a MongoDB dataset of… Read more →

MLB Bases Coded Hackathon (2016)

Statistics can overwhelm and confuse a lot of people and as many know, baseball is built on statistics! The MLB has been struggling with fan engagement and would love to grow it’s fanbase, but many feel there is a steep learning curve followed by lots of statistics and abbreviations that seem foreign to them. We designed a solution to take… Read more →