MLB Bases Coded Hackathon (2016)

Statistics can overwhelm and confuse a lot of people and as many know, baseball is built on statistics! The MLB has been struggling with fan engagement and would love to grow it’s fanbase, but many feel there is a steep learning curve followed by lots of statistics and abbreviations that seem foreign to them. We designed a solution to take complex statistics and make them human readable while maintaining a simple user experience with enough data to be consistently engaging. We aimed to create excitement for games! Well, we took this idea and submitted it to MLB’s Bases Coded Hackathon. We were one of four teams chosen to be flown out to Chicago, IL to compete in a 24-hour hackathon for a chance to attend the historic 2016 World Series. Below is a demo of the app in action, I was the architect of the backend and worked closely with another team member to gather and analyze data for the application. This is a link to GitHub for the API component of the application, and this is a link to the front end work.

And since it was the coolest trip ever here are some pics! We thank the MLB, New Relic, and Amazon Web Services for giving us the opportunity to do what we love in the coolest way possible!

Alex, Myself, Giancarlo


Alex, Giancarlo, Myself