Halp App

Halp was created at a Cal Poly hosted hackathon. Halp is a mobile application that allows students to help other students or find help for themselves. Each student has their own account where they can list the classes they have taken and are willing to help with. This creates a student base per class that is available to help those requesting help for that specific class. When a student posts they will list the class the question applies to and the “bounty” they are willing to pay to get their question resolved. Students who are available to help will only see requests that specifically apply to them. We also determine which questions have the best bounty and rank posts based on attributes like bounty, staleness, timeliness of response.

Check out the backend-code I wrote here.

User selecting their major.

User selecting their major.


Verifying email and send code.


A user’s personal requests for help.


After a tutor reaches out to a user, a conversation will be made available between the two parties.


Example of a user creating a new request to be helped.


A list of all the users seeking help in the classes that the current user has listed as “willing to help”.